We at ArchEngTech Consulting Ltd have been selecting World of Tiles products for a number of years now on various projects. When we design and select our internal finishes for our projects, we have to ensure the highest quality certified products are selected, while keeping within the client’s budget. The World of Tiles team works closely with our interior design department to ensure we achieve this requirement. We find the World of Tiles team very professional and are always on hand to assist with any design, product or supply requirements for our clients and projects.

Padraig Carroll

MD of ArchEngTech Consulting Ltd

As the delivery schedule on our project was very tight, it was important for us to ensure products were delivered on-time to meet our specific dates. We selected World of Tiles to supply the full package of wall and floor tiling along with the sanitary wear as we knew their professional approach would ensure we would have the product on-site when required. As usual, they did not fail to deliver on the necessary dates and products.

Cormac Dalton

Director of Perigon Construction Management Ltd